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GiGi NutriPeptide Hydra Vitality Mask

Volume: 50 ml


An excellent moisturizing mask enriched with ingredients that help repair damaged skin and create reserves to maintain optimal skin balance and function. Contains a unique complex that converts light into energy. Capsules with algae extract and peptides stimulate the production of vital energy necessary for the regeneration of collagen fibers. The mask actively fights wrinkles, activates the internal reserves of the skin, prevents dehydration and strengthens the face contour, increases firmness and elasticity, prevents aging, eliminates wrinkles caused by dry skin. Gives the skin smoothness and velvety, healthy and youthful glow.

Active ingredients: X50, PHOTOGLOW, LARACARE A200, palmitic acid, stearic acid.

Method of application: Recommended to apply 1-2 times a week. Apply in a medium layer on the face, wait 3-5 minutes and blot excess. Wash off the remains of the mask and apply a moisturizer.

GiGi NutriPeptide Hydra Vitality Mask


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