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In the modern pace of life, we often forget about many important things. Unfortunately, facial skin care is no exception.
Healthy shine, tone, even complexion, smoothness and fit - all this is the key to health and self-confidence.
Personal care has become much easier with the advent of cosmetology in our lives. Agree, it's so nice to entrust yourself to the hands of a professional!

Gas-liquid peeling JetPeel

In June the price is 600 NIS
800 NIS

   JetPeel is an innovative skin care system that uses jet propulsion technology to create high-pressure liquid jets that are applied to the skin, enriching the skin with oxygen and nutrients, relieving swelling and improving microcirculation.

Face cleaning

Deep face cleaning

500 NIS

As you know, facial skin is very sensitive and delicate, and it just needs careful and professional care.

Facial cleansing is a complex procedure, it includes a combination of various methods and techniques.

Face cleaning BR

Face cleaning Biologique Recherche

600 NIS

   Facial cleansing using Biologique Recherche cosmetics in ten steps.

   Suitable for skin with closed and open comedones, blackheads, as well as for skin with a tendency to seborrhea or acne. 

ZO Anti age treatment.jpg

Anti-aging ZO Skin Health Obagi

600 NIS

   The procedure is aimed at instant lifting, evening out skin color and texture. The procedure includes skin cleansing, light polishing with products from ZO Skin Obagi, proprietary massage techniques for the face, neck and décolleté, deep moisturizing, a brightening mask and a special booster serum to continue care at home.

BR Facials

Treatments from Biologique Recherche

   Treatments from Biologique Rechereche are exclusive treatments that are in demand all over the world and are popular with stars. The effect is noticeable immediately after the end of the procedures.

   Our experts will help you choose the right treatment for your skin!

Face cleaning

Deep cleansing + Carboxytherapy

700 NIS

As you know, facial skin is very sensitive and delicate, and most often it needs an integrated approach - gentle, but at the same time active and effective. That's why we combined two procedures - Facial Cleansing and Carboxytherapy.

US carboxy

Ultrasonic cleaning + Carboxytherapy

550 NIS

   This combination of treatments is ideal for those who want to cleanse and energize their skin a little.

   With the help of ultrasound we will remove dead cells, and with the help of carboxytherapy we will saturate the skin with oxygen. After the procedure, you will immediately notice deep skin hydration and an even complexion.



400 NIS

In modern cosmetology, it is difficult to find something safer and more effective than carboxytherapy.

This technique came to cosmetology from medicine - where it serves to treat psoriasis, joints, scars, etc.

Cell Recovery

Cell regeneration

400 NIS

   New AGE G4 procedure - skin restoration at the cellular level. Helps tighten the skin and achieve a lifting effect. Improves complexion and skin elasticity, nourishes, moisturizes and restores the microflora of the facial skin.

GiGi texture treatment.jpg


400 NIS

   The Texture procedure is specifically designed for the periorbital and neck areas. It has a pronounced anti-aging effect in the most delicate areas - eyes, neck and décolleté. The procedure consists of various peelings, massage and microneedling with specially selected boosters and serums.


Diamond microdermabrasion

400 NIS

Microdermabrasion is a technique that cleans and enhances the quality of the skin using diamond-coated nozzles connected to a vacuum.

The procedure consists in exfoliating dead cells and skin resurfacing to a predetermined depth.


Peeling BioRePeel

600 NIS

Peeling BioRePeelCl3 is an innovative two-phase chemical peeling that simultaneously works with skin rejuvenation and cleansing. The procedure is postponed absolutely comfortably, there is a slight burning sensation of the skin, and a few days later, slight peeling.


Peeling PRX-t33

600 NIS

PRT-t33 - peeling aimed at rejuvenation, tightening, smoothness and elasticity of the skin - the so-called "lifting effect".

Has an effect on wrinkles, reduces pigmentation, as well as the manifestation of acne and post-acne.

Liquid laser

Liquid laser

800 NIS

Liquid laser is an innovative procedure for those who want to get the effect of radiant skin and correct minor imperfections without long-term recovery.

The procedure includes a combination of fractional mesotherapy (microneedling) and PRX-t33 peeling.


Microneedling Dermapen4

1000 NIS

   Dermapen4 is an original modern device for mesotherapy with the finest sterile microneedles that make micropunctures and penetrate the skin.


Fractional mesotherapy

600 NIS

   One of the most effective and relevant ways to improve skin quality is “Fractional mesotherapy”.

   The procedure consists of introducing meso-cocktails under the skin, which may include many different components, selected individually.


RF lifting

350 NIS

Radio wave therapy consists in heating tissues with electrical impulses in the radio frequency range.

RF lifting is recommended in the fight against wrinkles, general wilting, flabbiness, drooping of facial tissues, fights with age spots, double chin.

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