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  Hardware cosmetology is a popular trend in the beauty industry, which allows you to achieve even greater results in the prevention and treatment of facial skin.
   Modern equipment helps to effectively solve such problems as: non-surgical lifting, reducing wrinkles, narrowing and cleansing pores, smoothing the complexion and other urgent problems.  

   You just have to trust our cosmetologist, and he, in turn, will select the best solution for your skin!
Morpheus8 Lumecca


   Morpheus 8 is a revolutionary alternative to surgical skin tightening methods.  

   The device is capable of performing subdermal skin remodeling. It is currently the most powerful RF machine in the world.

  Indications for the procedure:

  • age-related skin changes,

  • severe laxity of the skin on the face and neck,

  • overhanging of the upper eyelid,

  • pronounced "painting bags",

  • deep wrinkles, folds,

  • the appearance of flews, double chin,

  • scars after acne,

  • scars of any location,

  • stretch marks on the abdomen, chest, hips.

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