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Day Cream GiGi Acnon

Volume: 50 ml.


A light moisturizing day cream for skin with acne and skin that is sensitive to the negative effects of the environment. Contains a moisturizing complex and components that protect the stratum corneum. Salicylic acid stimulates skin renewal, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, and also tightens pores. The antibacterial compound sepicontrol A5 is aimed at regulating the work of the sebaceous glands and has an antioxidant effect. The cream contains a complex of anti-inflammatory and regenerating ingredients such as vitamin B5 and chamomile extract, which soothe irritation, redness, soften and accelerate the healing process. The cream is dermatologically tested. Does not contain allergenic and fatty ingredients.

Active ingredients: RET complex, tetrapeptide, niacinamide, salicylic acid, sepicontrol A5 (antibacterial complex), vitamin B5, willow herb extract.

How to use: Apply evenly to the skin of the face.

Day Cream GiGi Acnon


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