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GiGi NutriPeptide Cream for Oily Skin

Volume: 50 ml


Cream for combination to oily skin with an extremely delicate texture. Evens out the complexion, reduces the amount of sebum produced and improves the condition of the pores. An innovative complex of algae and peptide is an indispensable source of energy to combat dull and stressed skin. Hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights and LaraCare polysaccharide hydrate the skin at different levels, helping to maintain a balanced level of collagen and elastin, which is optimal for people with oily and problem skin. Restores the natural balance on both oily and dry skin areas. Glycolic acid helps to reduce the stratum corneum, prevents the formation of comedones. Already after the first application, the skin regains mattness, freshness and a healthy glow throughout the day.

Active ingredients: X50 PHOTOGLOW, LARACARE A200, hyaluronic acid, chlorella extract, chlorphenesin.

How to use: Apply the cream to clean skin.

GiGi NutriPeptide Cream for Oily Skin


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