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Ampoules perfect glow Babor Perfect Glow

Volume: 7 x 2 ml


Ampoules for those who spend most of the day at the screen of a computer, tablet or smartphone. Instantly repairs dull skin with reduced firmness and uneven tone.

  • Protects against digital aging caused by blue light from screens;
  • Provides instant optical tone alignment;
  • Restores the radiance of the skin;
  • Intensively moisturize;
  • With regular use, the microrelief is smoothed


  • Naturally even, fresh tone; even microrelief
  • The skin looks perfect.


Glow pigments even out unevenness of tone and micro-relief, give the skin freshness and natural radiance. Polysaccharides intensely moisturize, Perfection Peptides P3 peptides activate the exfoliation of keratinized particles and, with regular use, stimulate cellular renewal of the skin. Cocoa peptides neutralize the effects of blue light, protect against premature skin aging.


For external use only!

Use the ampoules after cleansing in the morning or evening.

Shake the ampoule lightly, wrap its neck with a cosmetic napkin or insert it into the plastic ampoule opener supplied with the package. Break off the upper part of the ampoule with a sharp movement along the lower colored ring.

One ampoule is for one application.

Apply half of the contents of the ampoule to the face, neck and décolleté. "Imprint" the ampoule concentrate into the skin. Apply the other half of the ampoule in the same way. Wait a little.

When the concentrate is absorbed, be sure to apply the cream.

Ampoules perfect glow Babor Perfect Glow


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