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GiGi NutriPeptide 10% Lactic cream

Volume: 50 ml


The active cream provides the deepest possible hydration due to the content of the peptide complex X50 Photoglow and an extremely high concentration of lactic acid. Ideal moisturizer and balancing product for those with problematic and oily skin. LaraCare is a vegetable source of galactoarabinan polysaccharide that improves various skin functions, instantly increases moisture and prevents natural evaporation. Aloe Vera soothes the skin and has antibacterial properties to prevent acne flare-ups. The cream creates a soft peeling effect, renews the skin. Evens skin tone, essential for any type of dyschromia.

Active ingredients:: X50 PHOTOGLOW, LaraCare, lactic, glycolic acid, aloe vera extract, panthenol.

How to use: Cream for daily use for the face and décolleté. In the sunny season, it is recommended to use it together with sunscreens.

GiGi NutriPeptide 10% Lactic cream


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